Functional Training for the Serious Fighter.

A year-round training program for fighters of all skill levels, Fight Camp is an advanced program that consists of combat sports training, strength, conditioning and more to build you into a well rounded fighter.

What We Do

Located in Dothan Alabama, our studio offers small group fitness, kickboxing and self-defense training classes and one-on-one personal training sessions.

Bringing the effectiveness of our Dothan studio to locations around the world. Our workshops are more than just a training event, they are life changing experiences.

Make radical life improvements by providing insight to help you discover the path to get you there through a personal development process.

about uS

Combat Mindset® is a Self Defense, Fitness and Personal Training Studio that specializes in preparing you for the worst that life throws at you.


Located in Dothan Alabama, our studio provides real-world self-defense, fitness, kickboxing and personal training solutions in small group class, one-on-one sessions and multi-day training events.

What others have to say

Michael’s practical approach is inspiring. He actually cares about our well-being and teaches techniques that anyone can do with very little thought. Thank you so much Michael!
Janet Y
One of the best programs I’ve ever been apart of. Not only do you get life-saving knowledge, but you also boost confidence to be able to handle almost any situation.
Alicia T

about Michael

The founder of Combat Mindset, Michael Saad, is an international security consultant, self defense instructor and personal development coach that helps people rebuild their confidence and create intentional paths to break from toxic relationships and life cycles.


An emotional defense virtual coaching program that gives you the training, support, confidence and accountability you need to turn your life around and move on from toxic life cycles.


We were all born with power. Some people lose that power because of a toxic relationship, traumatic event or other life-changing experience. It's time to get that power back.

The Blog

Regular updates, how-to and actionable content to help you find your way past toxic life cycles and traumatic experiences.

Real World vs Text Book Self Defense

Real World vs Text Book

Solve this mystery for me… If every martial arts and self defense program could deliver like they claim they can, wouldn't there be less victims in the world? Wouldn't there

Combat Mindset

The Combat Mindset Manifesto

Only a few people really know the whole story behind Combat Mindset and with the influx of the “how and why” questions in my inbox over the last few months,