No, we’re not gonna talk about Confucius or Nietzsche or any other famous corpse because at Combat Mindset, our philosophy is simpler than that:

to be effective in the real world, you have to train for the real world. Click To Tweet

We provide our clients with the confidence, knowledge, experience, support, and strategies you need to keep safe – with real world self defense training, to respond to a real world attack.

We don’t just talk about our philosophy, we deliver.

It’s our explicit purpose to ensure that our clients build their inner and outer strengths while having fun getting fit or learning self defense. Pretty much the only thing we can’t do is give you the drive and motivation to do it. That’s on you.

Functional Self Defense for the Real World®

Our Beliefs

They say a man’s gotta have a code, and we can understand that you may wanna know what’s under our skin before you rely on what we say. No worries! Here’s the deal:

  • We believe that we have a great opportunity and responsibility, as your fitness trainers and self defense instructors, to boost your confidence and skill level into areas far greater than building a combat mindset alone.
  • We believe the key to successfully improving the lives of our clients begins with the establishment of close, personal relationships between them and our team. Just not too personal… unless you wanna put a ring on it.
  • We believe in challenging you to recognize your true inner self and maximize your long-term potential.
  • And, most importantly, we believe you can accomplish it all, no matter who you are and which of our programs you choose.

Our Principles

We may not be too committed to our current iPhones, but don’t let that make you think that we’re afraid of commitment. In fact, here’s the list of things that make us tick:

  • Combat Mindset is committed to honesty.
  • We are committed to transparency.
  • We are committed to fair dealing.
  • We are committed to aligning our activities with the interests of our clients. If you’re a client, you’re a partner, and we’ll treat you like one.
  • We are committed to perfecting our business model every day, in all areas of our company.
  • Combat Mindset does not, and will not violate any legal obligations. Period. Not even with a safeword.


As a company, Combat Mindset heavily relies on and endorses 7 core values: Integrity, Collaboration, Passion, Innovation, Empowerment, Responsibility and Excellence. They’re the foundation of our brand, and we do a lot to ensure that everyone we associate with exemplifies each of them.

Integrity: We’re certainly no Boy Scout troop, but we give integrity top-priority in our list of values. We believe in always doing what is right for the people that put their trust in us. We hold everyone around us to the highest ethical and moral standards. Period.

Collaboration: We’re not gonna pull out the lone-wolf schtick for you. We are great at what we do because the people we work with are great, not the other way around. We actively encourage teamwork in all aspects of our business, forging partnerships with others outside of our comfort zones with clockwork regularity.

Passion: We don’t mean the between-the-sheets kind of passion. We’re talking about enthusiasm for our job, excitement for delivering outstanding results and building meaningful relationships with everyone we can to help make every day of their lives better… and safer.

Innovation: What is innovation, you ask, and why do I care? Put simply, innovation is applied creativity. It’s about finding newer, better ways to achieve results. Whether it’s in a class or a workshop, we use innovative ideas and processes to exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results in all areas of performance. It’s what sets us apart from martial arts and other training methods, and what guarantees the results our clients expect.

Empowerment: Empowerment is a little more complicated than a sudden transformation from a doubt-plagued weakling to a confident and powerful Adonis. We empower you by offering opportunities to succeed and the freedom to pursue your strengths while improving your weaknesses.

Responsibility: Most people, and let’s be honest, especially those in the self defense industry, aren’t exactly thick with moral fiber. We’re not pointing fingers, just making an observation and acknowledging that we’re all human.

But we take the fact that people put their well-being in our hands damn seriously, and it shows in our dedication to excellence in instructors, our techniques and other areas of our business.

Excellence: If you’re not going to give us your all, we don’t want anything to do with you. But we expect you to hold us to that same standard. If we’re not breaking our backs to deliver results, we don’t even deserve a handshake, much less your time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide realistic training and education to women and children, empowering them to be more confident and become a harder target for would-be attackers.

  • We accomplish this by integrating specialist knowledge of industry practices, crime statistics to better understand criminal behavior, local market understanding, proprietary methodology and breakthrough innovation.
  • We are dedicated to building long-term, rewarding partnerships that add value to our clients and our team.
  • We encourage our team members to be leaders in their lives, to initiate change and seek new solutions.
  • You can achieve the same through your commitment to Combat Mindset and the safer, more confident future that comes with it.

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