A love of fitness doesn’t have to wait for adulthood. At Combat Mindset, we believe healthy habits are best developed at a young age, which is why we offer a variety of Youth Programs catered to our youngest athletes.

All Youth Programs are grouped by age and are tailored to the developmental needs of each age group. The primary goal of all of our Youth Programs is to develop a love of movement and sport in a safe, fun and motivational environment!

An Open Letter to the Parents of Student Athletes

Some of our Youth Programs include:

  • Sport-Specific Training
  • Sport Clinics and Camps
  • Krav Maga Kids
  • Muay Thai Kids
  • Fitness and Conditioning Classes
  • Nutrition Education

Not only do we hope to promote physical fitness alone, but success in all aspects of life! Kids in our programs benefit from working with the mentors on our hand-selected coaching staff, and often see improvements in discipline, attentiveness, sportsmanship and even academics.

For more information on our Youth Outreach efforts and Scholarship opportunities, please visit the Fighting Chance Project.

Take Control of your life

Joining Combat Mindset is about more than taking control over your health, safety, and well-being. In fact, it’s about pushing yourself to your physical and mental limits to reach your full potential and feel great in the process.

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