Ditch the Rituals

We’re about Self Defense for the Real World

A 2009 survey of almost 1,500 martial arts schools in the United States found that only half offered self-defense training – second to teaching other cultural and historical training. And while the sword, nunchaku and staff look great in movies and demonstrations, they’re not practical in real-life situations.


Your child shouldn’t have to wait to feel secure when they can learn the techniques and knowledge they need to defend themselves today.

Our training builds reflexes and empowers your child with techniques that are proven to work in real situations. That’s why, instead of teaching ancient tradition, we focus on situations children face, like bullying and peer pressure.

As your child progresses, they will learn how to defend themselves against more complex situations. This includes scenarios with multiple attackers, attackers with weapons and even kidnappers, all of which are unfortunately becoming increasingly common.

The best self defense habits are those developed at a young age and refined over time. By joining our dedicated youth program at Combat Mindset, your child can enjoy the same benefits and empowerment in the face of bullying and other issues every single day.


Many children feel helpless, depressed and anxious due to bullying and other issues they encounter on a regular basis. But with self defense training, you can eliminate these issues while building confidence in the process.

Our classes are available 7 days per week at our studio, making it easy for your child to attend, even with the busiest schedule. And when they do, they’ll find a fun, safe environment to learn how to face the problems they experience daily and how to handle dangerous situations that are becoming increasingly common, such as abduction.

  • Realistic Training Scenarios
  • Physical Benefits
  • Age Appropriate Techniques
  • Mental Benefits
  • Exclusive Focus on Self Defense
  • Emotional Benefits

Guaranteed Benefits for Your Child

  • Bullying defense techniques and prevention
  • Understand how to resist peer pressure and make positive choices
  • Build confidence
  • Stress management for dangerous situations
  • Defense techniques from prone position
  • Defense strategies and moves for chokes, head locks, take downs, bear hugs and more.
  • Instruction on how to defend against larger and multiple attackers
  • Instruction on how to defend against adult attackers
  • Instruction on how to defend against attackers with weapons

A Mission Made in Your Child’s Best Interest

Our mission is to give your child the skills and confidence necessary to deal with any situation they may encounter, and the mental wherewithal to know which “next step” actions are appropriate. In just a brief 90 days, your child will have a new level of confidence and the capability to defend themselves in common threat situations. They’ll never have to feel helpless or hopeless again.

For children, self defense often comes in the form of martial arts. And though learning the history, culture and elaborate technique of any martial arts philosophy is exciting, it won’t prepare kids for the situations they face on a regular basis.

Just consider these statistics from PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center:

  • 22 percent of students report being bullied during the school year.
  • 64 percent of children who are bullied don’t report it.
  • 57 percent of bullying instances only stop when a peer intervenes on behalf of the child being bullied.

But, why should bullying stop only because a peer intervenes on a child’s behalf? Why shouldn’t every child have the skills and knowledge to defend him or herself, stopping bullying at the source?

At Combat Mindset, we believe they should.

Our self defense classes for kids are designed to handle these same situations. Through age-appropriate techniques derived from styles such as Muay Thai and Krav Maga, your child will learn how to stand up to bullies, resist peer pressure and stand up for themselves in any other violent or uncomfortable situation.

Shouldn’t they have the confidence to do so? We think so, and you should too.

Learning Doesn’t Have to be Boring

And for kids, it should never be. That’s why the primary goal of all of our Youth Programs is to develop a solid foundation of basic self defense techniques and actions for any dangerous situation – as well as consequences for misuse – in a safe, fun and motivational environment!

Each of our classes are grouped by age, allowing us to custom-tailor the focus of each lesson to the developmental needs of each age group. We focus solely on practical, age appropriate solutions for the types of situations kids age 6 and up face in the modern world.

And we do it from day one…

Your Child will Learn

  • The fundamentals of personal courage
  • How to become their own hero to prevent bullying through conflict resolution
  • How to channel a strong voice that establishes personal boundaries
  • Detective skills to search life for beauty so that danger sticks out in contrast
  • Ways to find and avoid dangers around the home
  • What to do when lost and when found
  • How to prevent stranger abduction lures by awareness and using their voices
  • David and Goliath exercises to prevent abduction using improvised tools
  • Drop and roll techniques to get to the ground safely
  • Drop and kick moves to physically prevent abduction attempts
  • Fire drills for at home
  • The fundamentals of personal courage

Parents are Always Welcome

You have two choices as a parent: Drop off your child or stay while they have class. Our youth training classes are family-oriented and you’re always welcome to sit in our training area to observe classes.

As a parent, you can offer support, encouragement and reinforcement that furthers the lessons taught and benefits earned. This facilitates a sense of leadership and responsibility in your child that will serve them at home, at school and throughout the rest of their life.

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See Results from Day One

Not only do we hope to promote physical fitness alone, but success in all aspects of life! Kids in our programs benefit from working with our highly motivated instructors, and often see improvements in discipline, attentiveness, sportsmanship and even academics.

Just about any martial-arts-for-kids program will help your child improve their coordination, balance and focus. Yet, only Combat Mindset offers the best self defense-based martial arts curriculum for kids.

Take Control of your life

Joining Combat Mindset is about more than taking control over your health, safety, and well-being. In fact, it’s about pushing yourself to your physical and mental limits to reach your full potential and feel great in the process.

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