Introducing the Combat Mindset Edge

emotional defense training and support program to build unbreakable confidence


This program can help you make radical life improvements by providing insight to help you discover the path to get you there through a personal development process.

Either in person at my events, on video conference in my webinars, or by text, email, or over the phone – you and I will develop a partnership to find out who you are, what you want and what you need to get to your destination.

You'll be encouraged you to take action by providing accountability.

  • coaching goals to keep you on track
  • 24/hr access to Michael for advice and support
  • emails to stay safe with tips, advice and scenarios
  • optional online journal to track your progress, thoughts and dreams
  • optional one-on-one video coaching with Michael
  • optional motivational text messages to keep you focused and on track
  • optional private community to keep you accountable
  • optional webinars to learn new tactics in a supportive environment
  • optional quarterly retreats at various locations around the world


You should have a clear direction where you are at, before you can begin the journey to where you want to be.

I use Coachable Goals to find out where you want to be, along with solid Personal Development Plans to determine the path we need to take to get you there.

  • Leave your baggage behind.
  • Move forward from negativity.
  • Become the person you deserve.
  • Overcome traumatic experiences.
  • Reclaim Your Confidence
  • Rise above your fears
  • Move on from a past experience.​
  • Find meaning and purpose in life.​
  • Discover a true life balance.​
  • Reduce stress or anxiety in your life.​
  • Learn to cope with stress and anxiety.​
  • much, much more…


A toxic relationship can be a boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, brother, sister, mother, father, aunt, uncle – any person that makes your life miserable…

But, it can also be an addiction, a problem, an issue, a personality trait that you have – that also make your life miserable.

The most common toxic relationship most people have is with themselves. Working through my program, you and I will walk together on the path toward a better you, by creating a solid personal development plan towards an intentional mindset.

  • Have you lost your confidence?
  • Is your past is running your present?
  • Does your life feel like its out of control?
  • Are you ready to make changes in your life?
  • Do you know you need changes, but don't know where to start?
  • Do you live in regret of what you’ve already done or fear for what you’ll never do?
  • Do you want to get there faster, so you can start living it, instead of just dreaming about it?


  • People who are ready to take action, who know they have the drive and motivation to get going if only they could find a way to channel and harness it.
  • People who understand that, if real progress is going to happen, there will be times when you must push beyond your comfort zone.
  • People that are ready to commit the time and energy to do the work that needs to be done.
  • People that are cool with the ‘self-work’ that is involved with my coaching style. While I’ll be with you every step of your journey, you need to understand that it is you that must put in the work to achieve the outcome you need. I will work with you, but I cannot do the work for you.
  • People that realize: no one can solve your problems for you, except you. Everything is 100% in your hands and Fairy Godmothers only exist in Fairy Tales.


Michael Saad is a Personal Development Coach that helps people rebuild their confidence and create intentional paths to break from toxic relationships and life cycles.

His programs are challenging, intense and unorthodox... but he gets results.
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