Visit to Koh Larn Thailand

Koh Larn Thailand

There is so much to do in Thailand, that it would be impossible for any non-Thai born person to experience it all within their lifetime. Koh Larn island would be one such place.

While I’m in Thailand, I get one day a week off from any kind of muay thai training (Sundays), so I use that time to explore the best I can with the limited time that I have. Today, we decided to hop a ferry to a little island off the coast of Pattaya for a day at the beach on Koh Larn.

Located at the Southeast end of the Bay of Bangkok and I can honestly say that this island, while it does have its own little ‘island flavor’, really doesn’t seem like an island at all. There are tuk-tuks and cycle taxis spread all over, along with gift shops and restaurants. If it weren’t for the hour ferry ride each way (to and from Pattaya) there’s really no reason to think you ever left Pattaya.

Thai Food on Koh Larn Island

After we arrived, we settled on a beach front restaurant to grab some lunch and, other than the view of old Russian men wearing little more than a banana hammock, the food was pretty good.

Food on Koh Larn Island

The ferry from Pattaya Pier (150 baht roundtrip) took us to Samae Beach but, because of the location of the pier and the tremendous amount of foot traffic, we decided to hop a ride to the other side of the island (about 10 minutes and 50 baht) to Naul Beach – otherwise known as Monkey Beach. This area, while busy, had less than a third of the amount of people as the arrival beach.

Michael Saad off the coast of Koh Larn

Michael off the coast of Koh Larn

All in all, it was a great trip but I wish I had more time. Maybe next time we’ll go for a weekend and stay at the resort and explore the other beaches this island has to offer.

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