Operation 180

After spending the better part of the last decade traveling the world, I came back on April 6 to concentrate on building the business I started. Combat Mindset was always intended to be my “retirement”, to have something in place when the day came when I wasn't traveling.

I made a lot of mistakes during that time… but the worst mistake I ever made was putting trust in other people to run my business while I was away. When I landed on April 6, everything seemed great – but, as it turned out – it wasn't.

I sat back and noticed that everything I was being told was being done – hadn't been done until I got here. It turns out, I'm a great boss when I'm 8,000 miles away and can only “manage” by phone. Once I'm on-location and can actually enforce the rules and standards that I put in place… I'm suddenly the spawn of satan.

Needless to say, May 22, the last of the “old guard” left employment and that caused me to run 45 classes every week, in addition to one-on-one training, marketing, networking, business operations and everything else you can possibly think of.

Now I have gotten Combat Mindset to the level it should have been – it's time to start focusing on me. It's been 83 days since I took back my company. And, while things are finally coming together, I haven't worked out since then. I “haven't had time”.

I own a freaking gym and I haven't had time to use it. What a crappy excuse.


I lost my way.

I got so wrapped up in trying to clean up after past mistakes, I forgot why I started this company in the first place. Sure, the main goal is to help people reach their own goals. But part of that is to motivate them into getting started and keeping going.

I can't very well do that when I'm not that motivated myself.

After a reality check a few days ago, I admit, I have become so inundated with nonsense that I need a little motivation myself. In the beginning, major work needed to be done around the studio and I was so tired I didn't feel like hitting the weights. 

As time went on, it had gotten to the point where I was looking for excuses not to work out. I wanted to find a way, to not only motivate myself – but maybe also to add a little motivation to your life as well.

And, so, Operation 180 was born.

In the ‘planning stage' since July 2015, I feel that now is the time to get it started.

  • it will last 180 days (6 months),
  • it will be a complete 180-degree life transformation,
  • I will be donating $180 to charity each month,
  • You'll find each day's workout and post in the links below,
  • I'll upload my current stats every Monday.

See the progress updates below.


August 12, 2019 to February 8, 2020

Phase 1: 08/12/2019 to 09/26/2019

  • Day 01: 08/12 [Monday]

Phase 2: 09/26/2019 to 11/10/2019

Phase 3: 11/10/2019 to 12/25/2019

Phase 4: 12/25/2019 to 02/08/2020


Unlocking Rock Solid Motivation