The Combat Mindset podcast is a 45 minute personal safety and life improvement conversation, hosted by international security consultant and founder of Combat Mindset, Michael Saad and friends.

Produced and made available every Wednesday at 10am CST.

Show Topics

Personal Security:
A step further than locking your doors. Know what you need to do to feel safer.

Getting Your Life Back on Track:
Derailed by a traumatic event? We help you get back in life.

Intentional Self Defense:
The essence of a combat mindset. What you need to adapt and survive.

Defense Tactics:
Quick tips on how to protect yourself. Who knew car keys could be used for defense?

Public Service Announcements:
Letting you know what’s going on in the world.

Behind the Badge:
Police tactics explained for regular folks.

Overcoming Fear and Doubt:
Live life knowing you will survive.

Confidence Building Exercises:
Drills to boost your confidence on all levels.

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