Not only will our trainers keep you motivated, your accountability coach will make sure you stay on track and our small class sizes offer a great sense of community and friendly competition to keep you coming back and working hard.

Whether you’re super-fit, looking to lose weight, or you’ve hit a physical or mental plateau with your current workout routine, all of our programs are designed to challenge and benefit anyone.


In one class you’ll work every functional fitness area: aerobic endurance, speed, strength, flexibility and more. Each workout contains a wide variety of full-body, high-intensity, fat-blasting movements to get you stronger and leaner, and will continue to give you RESULTS.

Self Defense

You’ll never have to become a statistic.

The functional self defense program at Combat Mindset has been researched, developed and refined over the last two decades by international security consultant Michael Saad using techniques and philosophies from various combat art styles including: Krav Maga, Muay Thai and the United States Modern Army Combatives Program.

It delivers results other self defense programs can’t.


Our Cardio Kickboxing program is a Martial Arts based fitness class which is designed for those who are interested in kickboxing, fitness, and cardio training. In this program there are no belts or uniforms. This program focuses on weight control, stress relief, and physical conditioning.

Combat Conditioning

Our Combat Fitness classes combine cardio and resistance training that is designed to give people of all fitness levels a great workout. This class utilizes components of kickboxing, boxing & MMA skills and dynamic conditioning drills using combat principles.

There are three components to functional self-defense: Simple, effective technique, an aggressive mindset and physical fitness. This last point in particular, physical fitness, is essential to self defense. That’s why when you join us at Combat Mindset, you won’t only improve your health in our regular classes, but can enroll in specialized sessions to amp up your results even further.

Personal Training

Whether you’re completely new to self defense or exercise… or a seasoned athlete, our personal training can give you the 1:1 focused attention you need to get the results you want. Our coaching staff will work with you to formulate your very own personalized training regimen that caters to your specific schedule, needs and goals.

We can also work in concert with your doctor or physical therapist to create the safest, most effective plan for you, without compromising results.

Open Gym

Know what you're doing, but just need a place to workout?

The problem with big box gyms, is that their entire business model relies on you not following through, not using their equipment, not taking up space in their facility. They charge $10-$50 per month and sometimes make you go through hoops just to cancel your account – even if they never see you!

Combat Mindset is different

We want you to use our equipment. We want you to workout. We want you to get better. We don't want your money unless you get results from our programs!

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