Combat Mindset is an athlete training facility that successfully improves athletic performance by enhancing functional strength and cardiovascular training, as well as injury prevention. Additionally, athletes can expect to see comprehensive gains in their athletic abilities, including coordination, balance, agility, speed and explosive power.


Our 75 minute training sessions are formulated and run by our elite coaching staff, meaning athletes can expect constant encouragement and feedback so they get the safest and most effective workout possible.

We intentionally keep class sizes small (fewer than 12) in order to maximize one-on-one attention. If you’re a motivated and dedicated athlete who’s looking to gain the skills to dominate your sport, we have the tools to get you there.

Athletes can expect each training session to include these key elements:

  • Functional mobility: Decrease risk of injury by improving movement through full range of motion.
  • Dynamic flexibility: Increase range of motion so movements can be performed correctly and safely.
  • Strength: Full-body focus using moderate to heavy loads in order to increase max power.
  • Conditioning: Improve aerobic and anaerobic stamina and endurance.
  • Speed: Improve top speed and foot speed, quicken accelerations and decelerations, quicken forward and lateral movements.
  • Explosive power: Optimize power output through plyometrics and jumping/landing techniques.
  • Nutrition: Up your game with instruction and mentoring on proper nutrition for athletes.

A Better Way to Improve Athletic Performance

The athletic performance training program we offer at our facility is open and available to athletes of all ages and skill levels, including:

  • Youth, High-School, Collegiate and Amateur athletes
  • Professional/Elite athletes
  • Active Adults
  • Service Members (i.e.: Military, Police, Fire Fighters, etc.)
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