The beauty of our Strength and Conditioning Program is that it is highly personalized and therefore beneficial for anyone looking to get stronger and improve cardiovascular capacity, including men and women of all ages, fitness levels and abilities. We work with individuals with specific goals as well, such as injury rehab or weight loss.


If you want to:

  • Lose body fat
  • Get lean
  • Run faster
  • Jump higher
  • Or become a more well-rounded athlete

Then you must incorporate strength work into your training plan. The Combat Mindset Strength and Conditioning Program is the perfect way to improve every facet of your fitness.

We build overall strength, increase max power, improve mobility and flexibility, and develop aerobic fitness through a variety of functional movements, Olympic Lifting, plyometrics and high intensity intervals. Don’t be surprised if we have you deadlifting, jumping rope, squatting, swinging kettlebells, pushing weight, pulling weight, running or rowing—we get you results through muscle confusion with our varied and effective programming.

At each and every class you can expect instruction and supervision from our coaching staff. If you’re looking for real results from your strength and conditioning, just show up ready to work—we’ll do the rest.

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