Real World vs Text Book Self Defense

Real World vs Text Book

Solve this mystery for me…

If every martial arts and self-defense program could deliver like they claim they can, wouldn't there be less victims in the world? Wouldn't there be more kids who know right from wrong? Wouldn't there be more women who feel safe when walking to their car?

Wouldn't there be more wolves and less sheep?

Aren’t most of them failing their members by providing what they think works… but don't really know because they've never been tested in the real world? Aren’t most of them more or less teaching the same tactics and cookie-cutter training methods?

Here's why:

Their premise is false – they're NOT creating hard targets… they are creating a false sense of security. They're teaching from a false narrative, and the skill-sets they instill in their child students is largely an illusion.

The bottom line is that a 14-year-old child can not beat an adult attacker, no matter how sick their form is, and anyone that teaches self-defense to children is either delusional or fake. Sure, our kid's program teaches the fundamentals of striking and clinching – but focuses more on mental and situational awareness than it does force.

The fact is, most of them have no real-world experience. They've learned what they pass on from books, videos or weekend ‘certification' classes.

❌ They're not providing what they claim.
❌ They can't provide what they claim.

Because if they could… their story would go something like this:

My name is Michael Saad. I own Combat Mindset – a self-defense, fitness and personal training studio in Dothan, Alabama that specializes in preparing you for the worst that life throws at you.

I've spent the last 10 years running high threat executive protection details in some of the worst places in the world. Before that, I was a cop for 13 years. I have lived, worked, trained and bled with some of the best officers, agents, operators, warfighters, crime fighters and cage fighters in the world.

My first year, I worked a bomb dog in Kandahar Afghanistan. For the last 3 years, I led a team of professionals from 6 different nationalities that provided protection details to VIPs traveling in and around Afghanistan.

I didn't learn from a textbook. I learned from the real world.

I've spent the better part of the last decade traveling the world to places like Kabul, Kandahar, Bangkok, Tel Aviv, Manila and Dubai to develop the training methods that I use in my gym. Now I'm back home in Dothan to teach what I've taught to housewives, soccer moms, tactical operators and everyone in between.

My studio is intentionally different than most gyms and boxes. We train with a purpose… not to pr a deadlift, but to survive tomorrow. If it doesn't make you leaner, stronger or more effective in the real world… I don't waste any time or money on it.

✅ Want to build, rebuild or boost your confidence?
✅ Want to become stronger?
✅ Want to lose weight, while learning Muay Thai techniques straight from Thailand?
✅ Want to get in street-fighting shape?
✅ Want to learn how to throat punch an attacker?
✅ Want to be a hard target that make criminals move on to weaker looking victims?
✅ Want your child to be bully-proof?
✅ Want your child to learn the kind of discipline and respect that really matters?
✅ Want to be a better you?

Come see me today (leave your money at home, I don't sell on the first date) and I'll even throw in free gear to get you started! Or, keep putting it off “until tomorrow” like you have for the past 20 years.