If you’re like most of my audience, you want to be stronger.

Not just physically… but mentally.

You, or someone you know, is stuck in a toxic life cycle that is headed towards disaster and you don't think you (or they) have the strength and confidence to break out and live the life you deserve.

Whatever the cycle, it's on a downward spiral of crap that keeps you from reaching your potential.

It doesn’t work.

Deep down, you know it doesn't work and it never will. But, for some reason you keep living it day-to-day with no end in sight. You strive each and every day to make it better, because your situation is all you know and you're scared of what might be on the other side.

You want to be a better, stronger you – but you don’t know how.

If you're the 67% of people that visit this site, send me an email or belong to Edge, you probably:

  • Fear of a Past Experience: every time I close my eyes, it happens again.
  • Avoidance from Current Events: I keep seeing all the bad in the news, what if I’m there next?
  • Fear of being a Victim: what if I get mugged, robbed, raped or killed today?
  • Lack of Self Worth: what if someone doesn’t like me today?
  • Toxic Magnet: bouncing from one toxic relationship to another.
  • Unhealthy Relationship: stuck in a toxic relationship and don't feel like you will ever get out.

You’re not alone.

All kinds of different people hang around this site, come to our workshops or choose to work in one of our programs. But whatever their motivation, they’re usually united in the feeling that they are ready to be better, less afraid and ready to finally start taking charge.

More people than you could imagine have battled their own demons, survived bad experiences or dug their way out of their own toxic relationship. The only difference between them and those that stay in the cycle is the readiness to be proactive.

With the right attitude and skills, no problem is unbeatable.

What Does "rePower" Even Mean?

For years I used the term “empowerment” to describe what I wanted for my clients.

The bottom line is: if I empower you to do something – I'm essentially giving you the power to do something. If someone gives you power, they also have the power to change course or just take it away.

And that's not why you're here. You don't need anybody to give you anything. So, instead of empowering anyone – my methods will rePower you to give you the power you once had, but lost.

Everybody has power.

At some point, however, some people lose the confidence and self esteem necessary to keep the power. Whether its from an abusive relationship or some other life event – they lose their way.

My coaching style is, unique, to say the least. I provide street-certifiedbattle-testedproven methods to push the envelope and get you results with life-hardening concepts, to make you stronger and less prone to being broken.

For the most part, I don’t believe in senseless multiple choice questions. I don’t believe in passive conversations only to vent anger and not actually do anything about it. I believe in attacking a problem, head on, and giving every ounce of energy and power we have to solve it.

If you need to be stronger in life – limiting stress factors, developing positive habits and creating other ‘quality of life’ essentials – particularly with increasing your mental strength capacity – I encourage you to join Edge.

Everyone has problems, challenges and issues that seem out of control and impossible to work through. They appear to be the be-all, end-all of your existence and may seem like it is futile to try to work around. Everyone has them – yours seem like they are unmanageable, but I promise you anything can be worked out .

Your power is here. Take it. Own it. And fucking master it.