My Strategic Plans for 2016

Today, I leave for Phuket Thailand for a month of training.While I had a minute few hours at the airport, I wanted to shoot out a quick fairly long post to, first of all, wish everyone a Happy New Year! Secondly, I wanted to give a bit of a rundown of what to expect this year.

Website Design

Long time stalkers of my stuff will notice a few changes goin' on… the most obvious is the site design. My little ninjas and I have been grinding over the past few months to make a site that is easier to navigate and just looks awesome.

Even though we’ll still be working on it over the next 2 months as we finish the design and load the previous 400 reformatted articles, I think we accomplished everything I was looking to do.

I hope you agree.

Your Combat Mindset

This is at the very core of everything I do. It's not about building a killing machine, it's about having a strong mind to negotiate any obstacle that gets in your way. One of the great things about my methods: having a strong combat mindset allows you to build a strong mind to overcome past experiences, just as effectively as it prepares you to encounter any future trauma.

Whether that obstacle is a traumatic experience, a new business, a struggling business, a leadership issue – or an attacker that wants to kill you – having a solid Combat Mindset will help you find your way over and above whatever problem you face.

Self Defense Studio

From regularly scheduled classes at my studio I want to help you be prepared for whatever life throws at you with self defense training for the real-world. We'll look at opening the first studio in the Dallas – Fort Worth area within the year.

Update: we've opened our first studio in Garland Texas!


My whole purpose in life, I believe, is helping people. I do this by giving tips and advice on this site, working with people from around the world and starting this year, I’ll be having more workshops on topics like self defense and… you guessed it – developing a combat mindset.

While these are mostly offered for free, they certainly aren't free to have. If you'd be interested in sponsoring one, I'd love to hear from you.

Other Live Events

From tactical training courses to personal development workshops, I'm looking at breaking away from these virtual walls and get out more with my audience in 2016.

New Podcast Show

For years, I’ve wanted to do a podcast. But with work, life and the fact that talking to myself in a mic always makes me feel like an idiot, I have pushed back on the idea.

After getting quite a few gentle nudges, we have been working hard over the last several months to bring you an awesome podcast.

This show, while focused on personal development and the Combat Mindset, will offer much more than how to beat an attacker senseless… you cant really do that over audio effectively anyway. Instead, we'll provide dialog on theory and concepts, with an occasional interview.


In 2015, I published an article almost everyday – sometimes more than once a day. I went all over the board, from business and marketing – to fitness and productivity.

And, while I missed a few days (maybe like 5 or 10 total – for the whole year), it was important to me to build my content with a wide range of topics – for what I considered my growing phase.

New Posting Schedule for 2016

For 2016, I’m narrowing down the frequency quite a bit. I feel this new direction is the best way to go and cutting my articles from everyday, to a couple of times a week, will let me push out more meaningful content and still give me the time I need to actively engage my brand with the other things I have going on.

Below, are other areas of content-improvement I look forward to this year:

  • articles: The primary concentration of my articles will deal with self defense, building a Combat Mindset, as well as surviving life. Even though I may throw a few other topics into the mix from time to time, it's important to me to establish a base-line now of where I need to go.
  • products: My product goal for 2016, is to get my Combat Mindset store up and running. Right now, I have a few concepts for t-shirts but over this next year, look for the store to (hopefully) start carrying more of what I've been asked for by my audience.
  • books: In line with the ‘more products’ goal, I'm looking to pushing out more books and reports on a regular basis. Articles are great, but they aren’t tangible educational products. Mostly the free reports I give away to my email list, but also books for Kindle and other e-readers.
  • contests: The best feeling in the world, is to be able to give something to someone that actually wants it!
  • video: I’ve never been a ‘video guy’. Sure, I can be behind the camera with no problems, but actually being on video always took a concentrated effort on my part. I believe, in order to give my community more of what they want, in the form of learning, video is a necessary step. So, don’t be surprised to see frequent little videos, so I can get the hang of this new ‘on video’ concept I have going. I even bought new video gear for my iPhone to make all my past ‘excuses’ seem stupid.
  • images: I'm gonna try to start pushing out more images and use Instagram more but, let's face it… I know I'm no Tori Nonaka and – while I certainly can't top her smile – I also know that you need to see what I look like from time to time if you're going to be able to connect and relate to me. That's just branding 101.

Charity and Giving Back

After taking a peek at Quickbooks (yea, I'm terrible about not looking) I noticed one thing… Out of everything I brought in and put out last year – you know how much I gave to charity? Not a damn dime. Kinda made me feel a bit sleazy.

So, this year, I'm doing a whole new thing: giving away 50% of all profits (everything beyond operating expenses) for at least the first 6 months, then I’ll see where we are and make adjustments once I feel like a human being and contributing member of society again.

Trying to stay in line with my Giving Back concept, I began the Fighting Chance Project, which will allow me to offer free and low cost training to at risk youth and I'll start accepting applications for that once my self defense studio finally opens.

Kicking Uncomfortable’s Ass

From the new content, to the images and video, to the podcast – 2016, for me, will be about kicking my uncomfortable tendencies to the curb. The only thing in this world I'm really scared of, is being scared.

For the most part, I’ve spent my life ridding myself of fear, and the only thing I have left – is a few things that make me uncomfortable… such as putting myself out there on video and audio, and letting the world see my more personal side. Except for snakes… they can all die.

Quite honestly, I hate the way my voice sounds and that will take some getting used to… So, having said that, I could really use your feedback from time to time to let me know how we’re doing, what we need to change and what you want to see.

Share my content. Post to my facebook, instagram pages. Come see me at one of my events. Buy some of my gear. Sign up for a self defense class. Send me a message sometime.

ok… time to catch a flight! Don't be a stranger.