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​Why training at Combat Mindset is better than training alone in a gym:

  • ​​​​Tracking and Accountability
    ​​Our entire focus is on getting you results. We do this by tracking your results to make sure you are moving towards your goal.

  • ​Fun, Motivational Training​
    Serious training doesn't come without its fun! Each session guaranteed a great time.

  • ​Easy & Flexible Booking
    ​After your first session, scheduling your sessions is simple - and can be done from our mobile app, or by calling the studio.

  • ​​Customized Programs
    ​Our programs are designed in a tailor-made fashion to get you the best results possible in the way you like to train.


These three words embody what most people want out of life.

Don't you think it's time you enjoyed all three?

Combat Mindset delivers these three goals and more. Most importantly, our approach to self defense, fitness and well-being propels you past hurdles that have stopped you from reaching your optimal mental and physical strength. Our approach is what helps you realize your true potential, regardless of what that looks like.

You want to build confidence. You need to feel safe.

You need to learn techniques that are effective, intuitive and natural.

​Then you need to join Combat Mindset in Garland Texas

​We understand that the skills needed by adults, women, youth and senior citizens vary due to differing physical abilities and potential scenarios. That’s why we don’t just offer one class or program, we offer several to accommodate your needs, concerns and, most importantly, to guarantee your continued success.

​Our personal training classes are 1 hour long.

​One-on-One personal training sessions are available 24/7 by request.

​More Focused Class Sizes

​We keep class sizes small, so you can better learn the ropes with other clients so no one falls through the cracks

​Monthly Strategy Sessions

​Every client gets a free one-on-one strategy session every month with a trainer to establish and benchmark your goals and progress

​Constant Assessments

​Regular assessments make it simple to see the progress you’re making every day and ensure you don’t spend hours reinforcing the wrong technique that won’t help you

​Individualized Attention

​We’ll work one-on-one to develop your confidence, technique and to ensure you fully understand the methods being taught

​Regular Goal Checks and Milestones

​What’s the point of putting in all that work if you don’t have any way to mark your progress? When you train at Combat Mindset, our team will keep you in track to conquer your goals

During your first session, a strategy will be developed to give you the most beneficial ​curriculum to your particular needs.

While you may start with little or no skills,
you'll ​leave more confident and secure - ready to take on most anything.​​​​

Our Total Transformation Training Program will give you the mental, physical and tactical tools you need to survive in the real world and is packed with a dedication to the fundamentals, giving you a foundation of skills and knowledge you can apply in your everyday life.

Not Your Typical Training ​Studio

Customized Training Programs
​We customize your workouts around ​your body and ​your abilities. These are NOT cookie cutter programs that you'll see in the magazines at the grocery store. We take into account how you move, what your capable of and build ​your workout plan around ​you to ensure that you get the best results as quickly and safely as possible.

What to do for the days your NOT here.
Being honest here, this does require a few things for you to change for you to get from where you are to where you want to be; so some homework is involved, but we have you covered there. We will instruct you what to do on the days you're not with us​ and even design your workouts for the days you are not here in our studio.

Daily Motivation
No one ever said this was going to be easy. Even with us at your side coaching you every step of the way there are going to be some days that will test your will power, we all have them. What we do to help out is send you some of most motivational quotes, stories and emails to just remind you why you started and to not give up.

Success Manual
Don't you ever wish that you had a book to tell you everything that you wanted to know about what you are going though, why it happened, and what you can expect to happen over the course of your ​journey to complete self empowerment? You did think of that!? Well what a coincidence that we happen to have that EXACT manual just for you.
Let's just say you're welcome right now.

Tracking and accountability
We hold you to a higher standard than you may hold yourself, because if you're not accountable to someone - only ​you know if you did, or did not, workout. Our entire focus is on getting you results. That’s why we do the most consistent and extensive progress tracking with our clients. That way, we always know what’s working and what’s not.

No Martial Arts Skills Required

Our methods are easy to remember, and easy to execute, without years of training.

​Ideal for Moms, Students and Groups​

Geared towards women, our techniques can be effectively used by most anyone.

Real World Applications​

Our aggressive street-tested solutions help you end a conflict as quick as possible.

What People Are Saying...

One of the best classes I've ever taken and, definitely, the most useful. Not only do you get life-saving knowledge, but you also boost self confidence to be able to handle almost any situation.

Thank you so much Michael!

​- Alicia T​

Michael's practical approach to self defense is inspiring. He actually cares about our safety and teaches techniques that anyone can do with very little thought.

I absolutely recommend Combat Mindset for everyone.

- Janet Y​

Michael has been my personal trainer ever since I had my son, which was in May 2016 and, all of my results are thanks to Michael.

He has so many different training programs and what I really loved and what I was looking for in a training program is something that would be individualized to me, because I feel like everybody's different so I wanted something that was gonna fit with me and my schedule and my body.

I finally am meeting my goals, which is really exciting!

- Dominique T​

​We cover all areas of the Combat Mindset method​

Technical: repeatedly practicing techniques equips you to respond with gross muscle memory under stress, when your fine motor skills are unavailable.

Tactical: what should you do when confronted with an attacker? should you flank them? hit left and dodge right? attack the weapon first, always, before worrying about the person holding it!

Mental: fight, flight or fright. are you gonna freeze up and cower when attacked? run? are you mentally strong enough to do what needs to be done in the situation?

Physical: are you in good enough shape to even handle an attack? do you have what it takes to put them down?

​Our Programs will give you the piece of mind you deserve:

  • ​Increased Self Confidence
  • ​Heightened Awareness
  • ​Practical, Real World Skills
  • ​Improved Physical Fitness
  • ​Increased Self Discipline
  • ​Neutral, Intuitive Techniques
  • ​Improved Balance
  • ​A Sense of Personal Security

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​Take Control of Your Life

Joining Combat Mindset is about more than taking control over your health, safety, and well-being. In fact, it’s about pushing yourself to your physical and mental limits to reach your full potential and feel great in the process.

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Special Offers and Discounts

Battle Buddies: When you sign up with a family member or friend, pay for the first member and get 25% off all other memberships.

Active Police, Fire, Military and Teachers: 35% off any plan.

Open Gym: Already know what you’re doing but just need an awesome place to hit the bags or push iron on your own? Open gym memberships are available for $30/month.

One-on-One: Personal Training packages start at $240/month and are available 24/7. Please stop by the studio or contact us to schedule a consult.

You never know what life will throw at you

​but you owe it to your loved ones to at least be able to throw back!

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